I was at the Magic Camp this summer. I was there eight days. It was great! The weather was nice, but one day it was rain. We often swam and played many games. We played table games, watched TV, jumped and ran. We often went on excursions and visited interesting places. We spoke English and had a good time. I had many friends. I would like to go to the Magic Camp next summer.

Bosak Mitia


At summer I was in Magic Camp. We played, swam, sang songs, had disco and others. We often had fresh fruit and vegetables. We played in interesting games like sharks, three fifteen ten twenty, stones on sport games. Everyday we sang songs like "Yellow submarine" or "Baby shark". My favorite song is "Yesterday". One night we sat around the fire and told terrible stories each other. We had three excursions in Magic Camp. I didn't want to come home I was very happy and I want to come to Magic Camp again. I like my summer holidays very.

Ira Kurnyak


Last summer was not a usual one for those who went to English Summer Camp . I could feel it myself because I was a "Magic" camper at the 5th session of Magic Camp - a session 16+. It happened in Sudak, the Crimea, Ukraine. Magic Camp settled down in the forrest that always welcomed us with its coolness and crispness when it was too hot. 15 minutes and we are in the mountains. No words can describe the landscapes we saw there. The Black Sea - show me a person who doesn't want to swim in this crystal-clear water. "Noviy Svet", boat trip, Genuez fortress, dolphins’ show - it was just unbelievable. And it is not all. The main "feature" of Magic Camp was a team of counselors who did their job to make each day of camp life unforgettable. They filled it with great amount of such activities that no one could resist them and just had to participate.

Anastasia Kovalyova


It was my dream to spend some days at a camp where everyone speaks English. This summer my dream came true. The camp is situated not far from Sudak in a forest. My parents bought me a ticket and I went there by train. The train took me to Sympheropol then our group took a bus and it brought us to Sudak. When we arrived we saw a beautiful place where our camp and Russian camp were. This place is called "Lesnoye". There are mountains near "Leasnoye". They looked marvelous. Everything was green and fresh. I went there in June and the days were not so hot yet. It rained from time to time. We had a lot of fun in the camp. We made new friends with students from Chernigov, Lugansk, Zaporozye. During the first day we relaxed because we're a bit tired after a such a long journey. We began to speak English in the train and an aim was to speak only English during eight-days. Every day breakfast we had three lessons. The first lesson was devoted to grammar, the second to English history and at the third lesson we learned and sang English and American songs. After dinner we usually slept for a while and then in the afternoon we went to the seaside. We went there only once a day because the sea was rather far from the camp. In the evening we played different games. It was funny to play them, nobody lost a game but some groups were better than others. Those who were better the next day woke up early in the morning and went to mountains. During the week we spent at the camp each group had a chance to go to the mountains. After the games we usually had discos. Students from Russian camp danced together with us. We also went on different excursions. For example we were in the Genues fortress, we saw the exhibition wich was called "Horror at nature". The days I spent in the "Magic Camp" were the best days of my summer holidays. And I hope that I'll go there the next year again.

Sasha Lychova


Last summer I was very happy and lucky because I was in "Magic Camp". It was first time when I visited camp. There was very funny and magically. In "Magic Camp" I went on three excursion: to the ancient fort, Novy Svet (New World) and dolphins' show. We went to swim in the sea at three o'clock each day. I got up at seven o'clock there. I went to sleep at eleven o'clock. And all the day long I was having fun. In "Magic Camp" I met new good friends. And we had disco every day at half part nine. I had "team challenge" for the first time in my life. But our team sometimes lost this game. I hope, in next year we shall always win. Our team councilors were very kind I am grateful to them. I want to be in "Magic Camp" next summer.

Masha Misyura



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