Courses of English for KidsCourses of english for kids

Fairy tale English  

For kids aged 6 – 11. Captivating lessons united with one plot as in a real fairy tale!

English Theater  

For children aged 11 – 14. The course is divided into several modules, each of them ends with a premiere for parents and friends.  


Youth English

For teenagers aged 15+. Usual school topics from unusual perspective will be discussed. The students will participate in various talk-shows and role-plays.

English courses for Adults

CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISHEnglish courses for adults

The aim of the course is to feel comfortable speaking English, to learn speak fluently in English, enlarge your vocabulary, and strengthen grammar knowledge and its implementation.


Upper intermediate level. Interesting situations of business and management problems will be discussed. Trainings of leadership skills, effective presentation, time management are used in the course.   


The aim of the course is to get ready for taking the following international tests TOEFL, First Certificate In English and others.