English Magic Club has emerged as a continuation of the program Magic Camp to create an atmosphere of creativity, fun, openness and development and, of course, English-language environment outside the camp, where the graduates of the program live and learn in their hometown. Now you can visit this club in Kharkiv.


English holidays

  • attract the participants to learning English
  • create an atmosphere of English communication
  • get familiar with elements of culture and literature of English-speaking countries


How it's done

Each team of participants (10 people) has its own leader, an assistant who helps carry out the tasks of the holiday.

English Club 

 The program of each holiday includes

• interactive English game

team bowling game


disco from “Misto” club




Holidays Schedule

Every event in Magic English Club is from 16:00 to 19:00 and takes place in Kharkiv night club "Misto".

October - Halloween Adventures (for 5-11 grades and 2-5 grades)

December - New Year Party (for 5-11 grades and 2-5 grades)

February - Brain Ring "7 Wonders of Kharkiv" (for 5-11 grades)

March - Brain Ring "We are the Champions!" (for 2-5 grades)

April - Detective Club


Book tickets in advance! Smile

 Holiday Halloween

The holiday is only for Magic Camp program participants

28 September 2014 MAGIC PARTY 2014


Where English holidays take place

Misto Club Str. Klochkovskaya 190-A, Kharkiv


This schedule can be changed, please call for details:


   (057)761 32 12

    093 123 20 32

    050 300 64 46


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